Be Encouraged!


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I remember two years ago walking down the isles of SAMs Club and seeing all the beautiful holiday items (I’m a closet decorator/party planner). All I could do was look at them because financially we were in a rebuilding phase. Maybe you find yourself in that phase, where you have to decide if it’s milk or chicken? I want to encourage you because this phase shall pass if you stay focused.

Rule #1 -DON’T walk in fear! Worrying about tomorrow doesn’t help today. God is already in tomorrow, trust me He doesn’t need our help.

Rule #2 – ONLY speak life into yourself. As I passed through items I could not purchase I never told myself “Evelia you can’t afford it”. Instead I would tell myself “Evelia not today”. It’s important to note that I didn’t walk out of places feeling broke or defeated. I simply adjusted. I would get my decorations at the dollar store and I made them look fabulous!!!!

Rule #3 – Don’t downplay money because you temporarily don’t have it. Money isn’t everything, I know this…believe me, I know who I serve. Remember this…money gives you options and experience has taught me that I rather have options. Money allows my family to bless others, to bless our church, it keeps our boys in a Christian school, it gives me a better nights rest, it allows us to take care of our parents. I know there are blessings in scarcity too but only for a time.  I’m not talking about being rich, I’m talking about living up to your greatness. God calls all of us to be abundant and good stewards.

Rule #4 – BE grateful always. Even through our challenges, unless we told you, you would have no idea what we were going through. Not because we were trying to keep it a secret or pretending we were so strong but simply because Luis and I know where our happiness comes from. We always had a smile on our face. We NEVER complained to God, we buckled up and worked even harder on developing the talents the Lord has given us. We practiced gratitude in everything we did and looked for ways to serve others when we couldn’t afford to. We did simple things like buy coffee for someone. Offer to pick up and drop off someone’s child from school or practice. Helped our friends in their celebrations and always showed up in their moments of trials. It doesn’t take money to be grateful yet I want you to remember that gratitude ATTRACTS abundance!

Today, only second to thanking God that I didn’t have to think twice about getting these holiday things (that really don’t equate to a lot of money but they make me happy) I called my husband Luis. I thanked him for all his hard work, for being the loyal man of God he is, for believing in the strength we have together in Christ. There are so many more rules!! I want to share my heart with you in hopes that it encourages you to live full of courage and joy!!!!  Be blessed and walk in FAITH today and always. I believe in you!

Written by, Evelia Arriaza

What’s on your Face?


We are bringing you the truth about what is hiding in your makeup, specifically your foundation. Bismuth is contained in almost all makeup, mineral too …oh wait…not Youngevity Mineral Makeup;). It actually looks beautiful in its organic state (picture posted). Bismuth is a naturally occurring metal used to manufacture solder, fishing anchors, shotgun pellets, and more. Many cosmetics and pharmaceuticals also contain bismuth in various forms. Bismuth oxychloride is used in cosmetics instead of lead. Although bismuth exposure is common, that does not mean it’s completely harmless.

Bismuth can be inhaled, ingested, or absorbed through the skin. The most common exposure to bismuth happens by way of working in close proximity to the element. For instance, a plumber may be exposed by breathing in soldering fumes (not good). Miners wear protective gear when extracting Bismuth, which makes it obvious that it is not safe when considering repeat exposure. Consuming medications that contain bismuth, or using cosmetic products that contain bismuth will also put you at risk of exposure. As women we apply makeup daily, multiple times a day and this exposes us even more so than a plumber wearing protective gear…think about that!

While many people will tell you that bismuth is non-toxic in small amounts, sufficient exposure can produce nausea, respiratory problems, headache, diarrhea, and pain. According to the Department of Physiology at the University of Tübingen in Germany, anemia is another potential negative side effect of exposure to bismuth.

Bottom line is Bismuth affects our well being and we don’t need it in our makeup! Treat your skin with integrity. You will never go back.. email us for an opportunity to try our amazing nontoxic line.