About Us

More than High Heels offers you a community to come to and be INSPIRED. Founded by Evelia Arriaza and Directed by Rosslyn Pacheco.
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More than High Heels is a movement founded by Evelia Arriaza and inspired by a collaborative effort of the women in Youngevity. Initially we set out to simply educate women on the topic of cosmetic toxicity and unify the message of health and beauty for women. Our collective passion lead to encouraging women and (men) to live healthy, spirit lead… full lives! Our goal is not only to empower women (and men) but more importantly to impart greatness by leading through an example of better health, love, purpose, connection, abundance, time freedom and service. More than High Heels will serve as a platform that will positively impact lives through sharing ideas that will build inner and outer beauty.
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At “More than High Heels” it is our mission and purpose to inspire women to a fuller way of living. Our movement calls upon women to develop the calling and purpose God has placed in her heart. With love, passion, hope and courage we vow to impart greatness and inspire others to live a healthy, happy, purpose filled, abundant life full of grace.